Lithoscapes Archaeological Research:

We are an academic education organisation established in 2012. As an organisation, consultancy and think-tank, our mission is to undertake archaeological research on prehistory and lithics. Through our research, we advise, support, promote, and educate on best practices for the study of prehistory including studying, recovering, analysing, archival storage, display, and publication of lithic artefacts and assemblages. Our work helps to inform interested members of the public, key decision-makers —national and regional— in designing sustainable policies that safeguard our shared historic cultural heritage.

“What counts is not what sounds plausible, not what we would like to believe, not what one or two witnesses claim, but only what is supported by hard evidence rigorously and sceptically examined. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”  (Carl Sagan)

Our Work

  • We undertake research and policy studies in lithic analysis in order to provide research frameworks and to promote standards and best practice.
  • We educate on all aspects of lithic studies and encourage interaction between the public, commercial and academic archaeologists.
  • We advise on proven best practices in dealing with lithic artefacts and assemblages, including their recovery, analysis, archival storage, display and publication.
  • Our work helps to inform key decision-makers—national and regional—in designing sustainable policies that safeguard our shared prehistoric cultural heritage.

Our Values

  • Standards & best practice, debate, openness & co-operation

We Aim To

  • Foster and promote openness and co-operation in the study of lithics.
  • Support lithic studies in all sectors through education and research on best practice.
  • Work towards the goal of eliminating the disparity in archaeological practice between the amateur/community groups, commercial organisations and academia by giving everyone access to our research. Enable all stakeholders to make useful contributions, to increase our understanding of and help preserve our prehistoric heritage for future generations.
  • Operate as an open and transparent peer-reviewed organisation where technical excellence, people and diversity are valued.

We Reject

  • Any attempts by vested interests, or ‘closed’ organisations to dominate, restrict or impose uninformed research agendas without consent, stifle free speech and research activities.
  • Stealing and appropriation of research ideas, data, or plagiarism.
  • Closed interests where errors can lie hidden and poor quality is accepted.
  • Poor standards in archaeological research.
  • Closed or restricted access to archaeological information, collections, or resources.

Our Core Values

  • The home for our activities should be an independent organisation.
  • To be transparent and open.
  • Our activities should be through positive encouragement and co-operation that facilitates individuals and organisations to work, participate and collaborate as equals alongside other contributors within the broader archaeological community.
  • Our research informs our work which in turn helps to us to advise interested members of the public, key decision-makers—national and regional—in designing sustainable policies that safeguard our shared historic cultural heritage.

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Last Edited 27/01/20