We provide training and mentoring for:

    • Academic archaeologists.
    • Professional/commercial archaeologists.
    • Community/amateur archaeologists.

We present bespoke and scheduled courses on:

    • Lithic identification.
    • Assemblage analysis and recording.
    • Training opportunities on our survey, excavation or museum-based projects.
    • Support continuous professional development.

We give guidance and advice on:

    • Research best practice.
    • Lithic research.
    • Policy development, conservation and preservation.
    • Guidance on academic research priorities.

We can undertake these services for our clients:

    • Lithic analysis of assemblages.
    • Data Analysis and report writing.
    • Research projects.
    • Publishing, editorial, proofreading and typesetting services.
    • Write Guides, resources and other publications.
    • Peer review services.
    • External examiners for Doctoral, Masters and Undergraduate dissertations.
    • Conference and workshop organisation.

The proceeds of our commercial work:

  • Are fed straight back into our research, education, and community projects.
  • Our staff do the research on a voluntary basis and currently receive no remuneration.
  • We simply do the work because we love it and it pays for our personal projects.

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Last Edited 27/01/20