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Lithoscapes exists to do research because:

The most erroneous stories are those we think we know best—and therefore never scrutinize or question.” – Stephen J Gould.

  • We undertake primary research and policy studies in lithic analysis and interpretation in order to provide frameworks and to promote standards and best practice.
  • We advise on proven best practices in the analysis, archival storage, display, and publication of research on lithic artefacts and assemblages.
  • We educate on all aspects of lithic studies and encourage interaction between the public, commercial and, academic archaeologists.
  • Our work helps to inform key decision-makers—national and regional—in designing sustainable policies that safeguard our shared prehistoric cultural heritage.

We place methodological standards, best practice and the scientific method at the centre of our research. The conceit of our work —workshops, conferences, and publications — is to promote the exchange of ideas in order to establish national and international research standards through a peer-based consensus that is regularly published and available to all. This ensures that frameworks are synthesised and constantly evaluated.

Research Projects

We undertake research projects on:

  • Lithic assemblages
  • Specific periods or sites.
  • Methods, best practices, standards, and policy including:
    • Research design, frameworks, and agenda.
    • Taxonomy, typology, definitions, and terminology.
    • Lithic analysis protocols.
    • Data management and database design.
    • Interpretation and dissemination, publication and presentation.
    • Documentation, conservation, and exhibition of lithics

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Last Edited 14/07/20