Think Tank

Lithoscapes exists to do research because:

  • We love archaeology and history
  • We agree:

The most erroneous stories are those we think we know best—and therefore never scrutinize or question.” – Stephen J Gould.

We therefore love to share our knowledge by:

  • Undertaking primary research and policy studies in archaeology (especially lithic analysis and interpretation) and history in order to provide frameworks and to promote standards and best practice.
  • Advising on proven best practices in dealing with archaeological and historical evidence (especially lithic artefacts and assemblages), including their recovery, analysis, display and publication.
  • Educating and teaching on all aspects of archaeology and history to archaeologists and historians.
  • Encouraging interaction between the public, commercial, and academic archaeologists, geographers, and historians.
  • Informing key decision-makers—national and regional—in designing sustainable policies that safeguard our shared prehistoric cultural heritage.

At the centre of our research we place:

  • Methodological standards.
  • Best practice.
  • The scientific method, consilience, and replicability.

The conceit of our work —research, classes, workshops, conferences, and publications — is threefold:

  1. Promote the exchange of ideas.
  2. Champion archaeological and historical knowledge and literacy.
  3. Establish research and educational standards through a peer-based consensus that is regularly published and available to all that enable the replication and synthesis of work.

We have undertaken research projects on:

  • Lithic assemblages.
  • Specific archaeological periods and sites.
  • Methods, best practices, standards, and policy including:
    • Research design, frameworks, and agenda.
    • Taxonomy, typology, definitions, and terminology.
    • Lithic analysis protocols.
    • Data management and database design.
    • Interpretation and dissemination, publication and presentation.
    • Documentation, conservation, and exhibition of lithics
  • Historical periods and people.

Some of our research publications can be viewed here »

Last Edited 14/07/20